Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New City Church is Moving to Los Angeles Theatre Center, Our Dream Venue!

When we moved into Club 740 in August, we said that it would be a temporary location until we found something more suitable for us. Club 740 works well for adults but it is somewhat challenging for children. So, we have been praying for a new venue for several months.

God is good! From December 7, 2008, New City Church of LA will be meeting at Los Angeles Theatre Center (which is called The New LATC) for our Sunday worship gathering. It's only about 2 blocks away from Club 740 and it is a fantastic facility. It's been my dream venue. It is the only multi-plex playhouse in downtown. There are four performance theaters in there. They have a great room for kids ministry there as well. And, it is clean! The facility is operated by Latino Theater Company and owned by City of Los Angeles.

The first time I approached this facility a year ago, they didn't know how to respond to me. I remember praying for the space then. They didn't have a clear price sheet for non-profits and it was unclear who I was even supposed to talk to. We checked with them again around August of this year before we moved to Club 740 just in case they were open to us coming. They told us they could not accommodate us.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd check again; they can only say no, I thought. For some reason, this time, they were open to the possibility of us meeting there, and at a reasonable price. I think Paul Graham, the relatively new General Manager, decided to bring us in because he saw that our church's vision of bringing diverse people of downtown together is similar to the vision of Latino Theater Company. Today, I inked the deal for New City to meet there starting from December 7. Praise God!

Here are some pictures of the New LATC:


SGT Sunshine said...

Woohoo! That's awesome Kevin! We are really looking forward to worshipping in the new building God has provided. May His name be lifted up in this new venue. =)

Anonymous said...

This is too cool. I wish your ministry many blessings!

Mia said...

wow! what a great example of not giving up and just kindly knocking to see what the possiblities are. very inspiring!

skidrowscribe said...

congratulations. Very happy for you Kevin. will see you there.