Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations President Obama!

No matter who you voted for, I think it was hard not to tear up last night when the networks called the election at 8pm and during the Obama victory speech. So many people, particularly African-Americans and other minorities (like me), couldn't help but feel extremely proud to be an American. It was a historic moment, a deep moment in the depth of my soul.

Here are some images of the moment:

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Anonymous said...

Re: President Elect Obama ...
I happened to login into the campaign results just as Mr. Obama was being declared president-elect ... even with my early predictions that 'our man' would win, I sat back a few moments a bit stunned at the rapidity of the outcome. I was very confident of the people's vote ... still, I had this bit of nagging fear that, once again, the 'electoral college' would be manipulated via the usual political ( and criminal )shenanigans and the people would be denied victory.

I saw the images that Kevin posted as they were being filmed live, plus a good number more ... the people's reactions were in sync with mine when I choked-up upon hearing the news and before seeing any images ... may the good Lord bless this man and family ...

Pete V. Natividad