Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What If We Planted a Church in Every Neighborhood in LA

There are 114 distinct neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Some are as small as 10,000 and some are as big as 150,000. What if we planted a vibrant church reflecting Jesus and serving the community in every one of these neighborhoods?


Aquaria said...

There are already lots of churches in each one of those neighborhoods, and every single one of them thinks that they are "a vibrant church reflecting Jesus and serving the community".

How hateful and arrogant of you to assume that there isn't any church like that in Los Angeles!

Misanthrope said...

How judgmental is your comment.

Lauren Berodt said...

Just do your religion, others will come if they want, if not, leave it alone! I'm Jewish and aside from a few very religious hasids, we dont feel the need to push our religion on others. I find it totally arrogant and quite frankly sick. It makes me think of what happened to the Native Americans.