Saturday, July 25, 2009

New series at New City: GHarmony: sex, singleness, and marriage

We are going to start a new series called:

GHarmony: sex, singleness, and marriage

Have you wondered:
  • Is there a soulmate out there for me?
  • How do I know he/she is the one?
  • What does God say about singleness and dating?
  • How do I meet mine? Is eHarmony the answer?
  • How can I make sex beautiful?

Please join us as we look at what God (G in G-Harmony stands for God) tells us about sex, dating, and marriage. This series is designed not just for singles but also for married couples.

Here's the schedule of the talks:

  • 7/26: "The Beauty of Sex"
  • 8/3: "Singleness and Dating"
  • 8/9: "God's Design for Marriage"
  • 8/16: "How Do I Know He/She is the One?"

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