Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's an interesting exchange between Fox News and Bill Burton, Obama spokesperson about Burton's allegation that Fox News is biased and Fox New's defense that it is not biased. You be the judge.


Foggy Blogger said...

The NYTimes did on op-ed called The Behavioral Revolution, in it they cited the research of a an academic in the field of behavioral sciences who posited that we have a tendency to "to see data that confirm our prejudices more vividly than data that contradict them"

So, for the regular viewers of Fox, it is unbiased. For the people in favor of Obama, Fox is biased. For the rest of us, the TV commentator is just rude!

Btw here's the link to the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/28/opinion/28brooks.html?_r=1&em&oref=slogin

meekorouse said...

I don't watch Fox News and this is yet another example of why. This lady is very grating and rude.

Besides that though there is the constant mis-interpretation of facts, whether purposefully or not, that continually happens whenever I hear people quoting stuff from that channel. It's frustrating.

rcjoy7 said...

Imagine if the news anchor was a man & was speaking exactly the same way. He wouldn't be considered rude, just dominant & asserting himself over the oponent. Because she is a woman, this is seen as rude! She wasn't rude, she was just being the strong assertive character that you need to be when on the news!