Friday, September 12, 2008

Downtown Artwalk is Amazing!

Downtown Artwalk is a blast. There are thousands of people just walking around going from one gallery to another. New City tabled at the corner of 5th and Main and we talked to a lot of people. Some of the comments we got were: "Man, you guys are everywhere." "I've have several of your invitations." "I'll be there." We've had a lot of positive feedback from people. Several volunteers came out: thanks to Joe, David, Rocky, Clarence, Shelly, Chris, for tabling, and Greg and Brian who stopped by.

I also went to Phamaka Gallery where some of the artists I know from Skid Row were showing: Gary and Wanda. Their art work was amazing! Never knew what could do.

OG Man was also featured in a documentary about Skid Row artists called Humble Beauty. They showed it at Los Angeles Theater last night. It was a great documentary. I went to see it and it felt like a little reunion of the Alpha Course at Skid Row. It was great to bump into several of my old friends there.

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