Friday, June 20, 2008

Potential New Venue for New City

New City Church will be officially launching on September 14, 2008. That's our Grand Opening! We are going to invite the entire Downtown community to our opening. We have been praying for a new venue where we can fit at least 150-200 people for our Grand Opening and afterwards.

Today, I met with Ralph Verdugo, the owner of 740 (, a night club in downtown LA (at the corner of Broadway and 8th). He is a great guy and offerred to allow us to have our Sunday gatherings at the club at a very low price(pretty much at his added cost).
Here are some pictures of the venue:

Let me know what you think about having church at a nightclub.


Don Record said...

If that's where God leads you...go for it...our church launched in a nightclub in PA in February and have been seeing people turn in ever growing numbers and lives being changed... (baptisms in the club this Sunday) I have a google alert for "church in nightclub" so I ran across your blog.

God bless!

Sung said...
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monts said...

congratulations kevin! that's awesome!

i'm looking forward to coming down soon to hang out with you and see how things are going! we're moving to SF on august 13th!